Monday, November 14, 2011

New computer may = me blogging again?

Well the kid's computer crashed, and since mine hasn't been working right for a while, I got a new one & the kids got my old one. I'm amazed at how much has changed since my last new computer, which has only been 3-4 years or so. So today I'm trying something new that I've discovered (probably been an option all along, I just didn't know it.) I am typing this post in word?? We'll see. If all goes well, I may be back to the blog world!!


Now I'm just testing the picture insert option, that's what I got so frustrated with before and just quit blogging!



Here goes nothing…..Publish

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Swimming in the sink

Our newest fun wet time has been involving both kids, in my sink. Never did I ever bath Kellan in the sink when he was a baby. Our old sink was much more shallow, and slippery. My new sink is super deep and a type of unslick granite. Campbell makes such a mess eating and hates to have her face wiped clean so its off the the sink we go. And of course, if Pister's in there, ""

I love this one, shows there true colors. Kellan all sweet and innocent, and Pister the pistol !!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Just a good ole time

We bought this water spray mat thingy last year on clearance. Kellan would have nothing to do with it (then). This years a whole different story. They clearly both love it!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Kellan and Campbell

Warning...this post is heavy on the pictures as there was no way to just pick out a few favorites.

A few weeks ago we met with our dear, sweet, patient photographer friend Jennifer from
Haute Shot Photography. We haven't had any pictures made since January when we did newborn/family pictures. Kellan now 2 years (and 3 months if your counting) and Campbell already 7 months old, going on 17, we figured it was time for a photo shoot. Though we met Jennifer at a VERY early 10am, July in Texas is hot regardless of the hour, but she with out fail managed to capture many awesome shots!!

Oh no, Pister fall down!

Looks pretty sweet and Innocent, with a hint of deception in those baby blues!!

"Tickle Tickle, Pister"
Campbell sucks two fingers just like big brother ??

If your wondering about Kellan's silly face, let me explain. This is the face he makes when asked if he wants to kiss a kitty, rabbit and on this day it was a squirrel.

Not to brag, but cute kids!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Oh how Kellan loves his Pister Baby !!

Story is, these two are in love with each other !!
If I take Campbell in Kellan's room when he gets up, he insist i put her in his bed. He shows her all his cars and likes to read her Goodnight Moon.
I drug this box out to see how Campbell would do in it. I was thinking I would use it as a prop for the kids sibling shots (and did). Of course, since "Pister was in box", "Lellan in box"

He loves to hold her!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

For the love of Peas !!

I guess its been 2 months now since Campbell started eating baby food. We waited till she was 6 months mainly because I was feeling a bit lazy. Once we started, there's been no stopping her. These pictures are from the 1st try on June 18th, funny, I guess that's how the hubs and I celebrated our anniversary? Anyways, as you remeber, Kellan was a big fan of the peas as well and still is.

We started her with the itty bitty 1st foods and it wasn't a week before she was eating 2-3 jars per meal. I quickly went to the 2nd jars, same thing. We are currently eating the big ole 3rd foods unless she eats what we are eating which is most of the time. I've been doing the same thing as I did with Kellan and grinding up what we eat for dinner for her. And let me just tell you, girlfriend can eat, and there is no time to mess around when its meal time. You can't get it in her mouth fast enough. She will very loudly let you know when she's not happy about the speed of her feeding!

Unlike Kellan, I've yet to come across anything she doesn't seem to love, I take that back, she wasn't the biggest fan of cucumber last night ?? Her favs include, but are not limited to, squash, tater tots, corn, carrots, french fries, pizza crust, cantaloupe, dip of any kind, ground turkey, cheese, oh, and mashed taters just to name a few.

It didn't take Kellan long before he decided he wanted to feed her. Its the cutest thing. I quote, "Lellan feed pister baby", then he looks at her shaking his head and says "good, huh".

Friday, May 21, 2010

More outdoor fun

So day 2 of frog pool fun, mamma was prepared. I actually suited Kellan up in his 6-12 month trunks from last year, lathered him up with lots of SPF and brought out all the water/sand/pool toys. He was ready !

Its been working out where Kellan gets up from his nap, I feed Campbell, put her down then its Kellan and mommy time (love it). That's why there are no pictures of her outside, just in case you where wondering.

Then I brought out and blew up myself (sigh) this big ole beach ball (b-day present from the Goldens)that you hook the water hose up to and it spays all over the place. He loved it !!
The next day I invited Kellan's girlfriends Willa & Dovie over to share some of the excitement, only Dovie got sprayed in the face with water and decided to go with her momma for a car ride to pick up her daddy.

These 2 played so well with one another. Couldn't care less they were getting soaked in the face.
Then it was time for a pick up ride, notice Kellan's letting Willa drive ????

Not sure whats going on here ?? Willa's a little rebel, no fear riding the four wheeler off the porch.