Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A few more swingin pictures

I personal didn't want Kellan to know the top fort of the swing set existed. I figured once he knows its there, he will always want to go up there, and lets face it, I'm not a s young as he is, I can't be going up there all day long. Leave it to Daddy to show him the cool fort.

I think it clear, they both like it !!

3 things

I just had to share these pictures for a few reasons.

A. To show my son's crazy, all day, everyday wild hair. No I'm not taking him for a haircut, it WON'T help!!!
B. To show that Kellan's still obsessed with his plastic lobster, why ???
C. To show that he loves his big-ol- monkey he got for his b-day from Granny.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Just a swingin

We decided to suggest, if we were asked, that people give Kellan money for this birthday. We had a plan of getting him a swing set. To be honest, we wanted one last summer, but couldn't make it happen. Some people aren't into the whole money givin thing and I get that. But we did get quite a bit, enough to pay for almost half of the the swing set we'd been longing for. Now that we had the set, its time to put it together. Luckily we have the most awesome friends that were willing and ready to help. So I cooked Friday night, gotta feed the help, and Sat afternoon was the big swing set party . Brady's friend Mark came over and stayed most of the day. Jay, Alison & the twins Willa & Dovie came and pretty much stayed the rest of the weekend, with only a short break to go home and sleep for the night. Pa came over Saturday also to help, he loves that kinda stuff. All and all it was not the hardest project I'd ever watched, but very time consuming. Best part is, its done !!! Kellan loves it, with the first push in the swing he was laughing up a storm. The twins, not so much. I guess its a boy thing.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thank you Munchkin People

All of you know as a mother to be and a new mom, you get lots of advice. Some of which we all choose to ignore and some is actually good advice. One example of good advice I received was if you find something your baby loves like a blanket, toy, bottle or bear, go buy a million of them. So, for me that advice had really never gone into play until now. Kellan just turned one, and like I am supposed to, because "they" say so, my goal was to promptly switch him from the bottle to a sippy. Well, since I never let him self feed himself the bottle, he wasn't quite savvy with sippy cup even though we started practicing @ 6 months. His g-ma had been letting him drink out of her cup with a straw for months, so I decided since he was so good at that, I would find him straw cup to drink his milk from. 1st attempt was a straw cup from Platex, no worky !!! It leaked when thrown on the ground. 2nd attemt was a straw cup by Munchkin I got at Wal-Mart. It worked pretty damn good. I would leak a little, but it was tolerable since I was able to break my boy of the bottle. Since that one was working and he was drinking all of his liquids from it figured I better run out to Wally World (not my favorite place at all) and buy them out !! So I went, they had 2. Went to another, none, Another, none again. What am I gonna do ?? Relief came today as I had nothing better to do and made the journey out of my comfort zone of Rockwall to Mesquite to Babies R us (another non-fav place). At 1st I didn't see what I was looking for, then I saw what kinda looked like it, but different. So I think to myself, "have they change it all together"? Not sure, but gonna try it. So I bought 6. I double checked with the girls (children) up front that if it didn't meet my satisfaction I could bring them back, they said yes. I was on my way. Got home, it was lunch time, hand washed one of my new straw cups, filled it with milk, and handed it to my kid, and...................It worked. I actually think he prefers the "new" construction. Does it leak ?? Not so far. Anyways, this was a very long story, but a very important one in my book. Now that that dilemma is solved, I am sure Kellan will decide he loves the sippy and wants nothing more to do with the straw cup !!

This was the original favorite

This is what I got today

See the little flippy thing that conceals to straw. Very helpful for transport.

FYI, I just went on to the Munchkin web site and they do advertise both and say Wal-Mart carries them ?? I guess some stores just don't carry both??

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter 2009

For the 1st time since I was a little girl, I was excited about Easter this year. Prior to having a little one, it was just like, uh another little holiday. Now with Kellan here I figured it was time to really celebrate. We had Brady's fam over for lunch and a good ole fashioned egg hunt. The big girls, Bailey and Macey aren't into egg hunts anymore so they took on the challenge of hiding the eggs for the little kids, Spence, Haley and Kellan. They did a super good job hiding them, so good I found 3 yesterday !! I saw this great post for these super cute Easter cupcakes , and thought" I can do that" Well... I tried, but not as cute.
What to do with empty formula cans??? Decoupage them.What to do when your kid takes a 4 1/2 hour nap, Decorate plastic Easter eggs

I just think these look prettyHad to take a picture of the 10 dozen eggs we dyed Saturday night.
Can't help myself, I love to take pictures of food.
Ummmmmm, homemade fried chicken.
Kellan's (really its for ME) Easter present.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Kellan @ 1 year

I feel like I should write about what Kellan's up to @ 1 year of age. Mainly so I don't forget, I guess. He had his one year 4-7-09, a week after he turned one. All is well. He weighed in @ 19.13 lbs (light weight) But was 29 1/2 inches tall. His head was 19 inches around that put him in the 90% for his age. Yup, his heads a little big, so I'm told, I think its perfect.

He has 2 full grown bottom teeth and one pretty good sized one on his top left. His top right, you can see what looks like a little piece of rice shinning thru the gums.

We have been trying to transition from a bottle to milk in the sippy, but he doesn't like the sippy much, nor does he really know how to use it. He has somehow learned how to drink out of a straw so I had to find him lidded cups with a straw for his big boy milk. He is a great self feeder and eats most of everything. His favs include, pasta, rice, beans, peas, peaches, yogurt, toast, puffy things, cheese, and chicken to name a few.

With all the changes and activity that have been going on( Granny here, b-day party, painful knotted up chicken pox shot site, no bottle) He hasn't been sleeping as good at night as he used to. As yall remember, he was sleeping 12 + hours thru the night by 2 1/2 months. Doc says its normal for him to wake up at night, I think he says that only because his 15 month old has never slept all night, I think he's always trying to curse us !! Hopefully we will soon get back on track and back to our old schedule of a long peaceful cesta!!

Is he walking you say ?? Not really, but so close. He pulls up on everything and cruses around. He will stand for a split second on his own. He loves to push his shopping cart and truck around.

Saying any words ?? Some say he's talking, the ones that aren't around him all the time, to us its still babble. He has started this new um ah, um ah thing that he will do about 20 times in a row. Its super cute and when he does the um-lips touching, ah- mouth open.

He is quite the "ham" and loves lot of attention, can you tell?

All and all Kellan is now a big boy and "thriving". He is such a joy and can't imagine a day without him. It's hard to believe a whole year has gone by.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Kellan & Granny

Kellan really enjoyed hisGranny spending a week with us. We haven't seen mom (my mom) since the week Kellan was born. I really think now that she's gone he misses her and probaly wonders "where's that nice lady that was here?" He keeps going to the guest room to look around, but no Granny. Hopefully she come visit us again soon.

Kellan & Granny enjoying some bubbles.

Friday night at Red Lobster

Breakfast time

Granny trying to take Kellan with her. I don't think so !!!

At lunch before journey to DFW Airport.

Granny & Grandma Dossie