Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fun with Kellan

Well its been a busy and fun last few days. Kellan is becoming more and more interested in many things.....Like eating, that's right, he has the cereal thing down like a pro. We have a good time. After we fill his mouth up, if you look at him, he smiles and it all comes back out. It is truly the cutest thing.

In addition to food, he also is doing more with toys. He has always loved his activity gym but he is rolling, scooting, and pushing himself to get to where he really wants to be on it.

We are finally getting to play with some of the many toys he received as baby shower gifts, the newest favorite is a dinosaur , rolly, roaring thing, he can't quite do it by himself, but almost.

As if we didn't have enough fun with all that, we had a few outing with daddy over the weekend. One being babies r' us. They had some of there Halloween stuff out, so we had to try on one of the cowbot hats. What do yall think ??

And who can go a weekend with out going to Home Depot ??? Not us. I can't wait till I get to stay home and just the boys go.

Monday, August 18, 2008

White Trash Wagon

For all the Texas folk, you understand me when I say, whats up with the weather ??? Its the middle of August, usually the hottest time of the year, and its actually tolerable outside. Well we took full advantage of it. Our backyard has and will be a work in progress, and since the weather was nice this weekend, we thought we would let Kellan come enjoy the great outdoors. My son is very deprived and has no wagon, so daddy had to make do. Notice the rig job. Margo was excited for Kellan to be out, notice the picture where Margo dropped he ball for Kellan to throw, and when he wouldn't , she barked at him.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Eatin Cereal

Well we figured at 5 months old that maybe it was time to feed Kellan some cereal. Guess what, the only thing he was interested in eating was......his hands !!!! It was fun though to watch and see how he did, but he clearly wasn't in to it, so I guess we'll wait a week or so and try again.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Waterslide fun

Well we had a hot sweatin blast on Saturday. Tina's momma bought the boys a blow up water slide thing for her house. But we decided to borrow it and have a little get together. Brandy brought Marcus over and Coleman came with Colby and Landen. Ken and Melinda stopped by briefly for some munch and a cold one. It was such fun watching those boys play. Baby Jace wasn't real interested, but he did play in the pool part. Kellan got in for a little while sitting in his bumbo with daddy, but really could care less. We ate hot dogs for din-din and just hung out. It was good times !!! Can't wait to do it again.