Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My baby's all big now

A year ago


My, my how the time goes. Its hard to beleive it, but my baby is ONE!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Must read tip

Just wanted to pass along a little "lesson learned". Don't put bleach in your fountain !!!
Brady made this fountain out of a old whiskey barrel and an old pump thing we had laying around. He told me to put a little bleach in the water before I turned the pump back on to help with, I really don't know what ?? As the day went on, the bubble mound grew. As night arrived, bubbles were everywhere, blowin all over the back yard. Quite funny.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Can I just say, its a good thing I had a boy

Thank goodness Kellan is the outdoorsy type like momma & daddy. Honestly, I have a hard time keeping him in doors. If the back door opens, he's out. Brady and I have been trying to do our backyard "spring clean up" and luckily Kellan fits right into the mix. He is better entertained, for a longer time outside. The grass is still a little hard so Sunday I put him in some bibs to help cushion his little knees, which also worked out good as a mud barrier. He just crawls around and looks at all the pretty flowers, and sometimes even eats one, but definitely prefers to eat dirt, or mulch !! Again, I'm not sure a little girl would love the yucky, dirty back yard like Kellan does, good thing I had a boy, cuz its hard to keep me inside !!

I have a picture to prove it.........

We all know Chuck is not the sweetest dog around, but I think he is finally warming up to Kellan. Or at least once.

Kellan was just sittin on the floor, minding his own business, eatin his little person, and here came Chuck and sat right in the middle of him ???? Chuck must have been ill that day !!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Multi-Subject post

Some days I sware I carry the camera around all day, and then other days ??? The picture taking today started in the morning. Kellan has a new thing. When he's "done" in bed and is ready for us to come get him, all we here on the monitor if the most horrible sounding, you think someones hurting him, but yet extremely fake cry for help. You open the door to find him standing and fake crying. Today I was prepared with camera in hand. This is what I found when I opened the door.
Does anyone feel sorry for him ??

On to the next subject. Kellan has discovered the kitchen cabinets. Daddy has baby proofed most, but for some reason Kellan seems to find the ones he hasn't. Everyone says, let him play with that stuff, I feel differently. I have too many pretties, many breakable to let him get his hands on them. So until the baby proofing if finished, rubber bands our my friend.

Last thought for the day.

Poor kitty !!!! I am sure Kellan has known for a while we had this big ole hairy creature roaming the house that we call Linus. But until a few days ago, he really showed no interest. Linus has very few safe places, one being under the kitchen table, laying on the chairs. Which might I say is super annoying because he leaves big fuzzy hair balls on my chairs !! Anyways, Kellan has since spotted him laying on the chairs which means, kitty's up for the grabbin !!

Ok, I lied, one more.

In just 6 weeks since the 1st tooth and 5 weeks since the second, we are now ready for steak !!

Do you see the size of those things ??

A name for the face

I know there have been previous pictures of "the face" but until now we thought it was just a fluke. Kellan now makes it often and on command. We say to him"Can you make the goofy face"? And does he ever !! Why the name "goofy face", what else would you call it ??
The funniest part is the sound he makes with the face, its a snorty thru the nose sound.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Love of the Lobster

No, not the kind you eat, but the kind you play with. Brady bought Kellan a boat bath toy months ago that has lots of different sea like creatures in it. Like a fish, octopus, & lobster. Kellan always seems to have one of the creatures in his mouth while taking a bath. For some reason the other evening after bath time, the red lobster came out of the tub with him. He is since obsessed. He eat, sleeps, crawls, plays & poops with the lobster. It never leaves his hand. And if something else gets his attention for even a second and he drops it, he is soon to go back and get it.

Notice his eyes aren't even open, but he's got the lobster in his hand.

He will hold the lobster the whole time sitting at in the highchair.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kellan and his fits

The day has come where Kellan has learned how to throw a fit. Of course its following him not getting what he wants or not doing what we don't want him to do, like trowing his sippy on the floor or holding his hands over the side of the highchair for the dogs to lick. I quote & agree with Brady in saying "I'm not gonna have a bad kid", so we are really trying to be consistent & constant. When Kellan does sometime we aren't pleased with, we tell him NO, in a loud voice. Its yet to really seems to bother him, the 1st 4 times we tell him. So we have to get louder and add a hand swat. That doesn't sit well with him, after about 5 yells & swats. I don't think he's learning not to do it again, I think it just eventually hurts his feelings. His fits usually in-tell him scream crying, to the point of holding his breath, his face turns crazy red & banging his head on the high chair. Its quite comical to be honest.

In these pictures he was upset because, he got his hand swatted after he threw his biter biscuit on the floor for the 3rd time. Of course Lucy(dog) didn't mind the treat at all.

Oh the joys of parenthood !!!

Just showing off my cutie pie

So one off the many great things about Texas (to me) is the 80+ degrees it can & will sometimes be in March or November. I so totally get "spring fever". As soon as a hint of warmth blows my way, I'm out !! Last week was one of those weeks. I think Kellan and I went outside everyday. We walked with friends to the park a few days, strolled our hood one evening & played in the yard a time or two. And let me just tell you, dead grass & dirt taste oh so yummy, according to Kellan. After a neighborhood stroll Thursday night, I got smart & got the camera out. Kellan was wearing his new hat & looking mighty cute. I got so many cute shots, here's just a few.

The sooner he learns to properly use the mower, the better !!

As always, Lucy has to be in the middle of everything. Son, close your mouth !!

Cute, Cute, Cute, that's all I can say !!

He's clearly not minding the itchy dead grass, I guess that's a boy thing.

Now with all that excitement about the nice warm spring weather, I have to add that due to our many outdoor adventures over the last week, Kellan is now having a major allergic reaction. He's super snotty, coughing a lot and has an ear infection 2ndary to the allergies. Why, I say ?? The good news is, doc says the allergies in reality won't hurt him, just make him miserable !!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

February Re-cap

I feel like its been a while since I've posted anything new about Kellan. Its probably because he's been so super busy. So I thought while he was napping I would do a little re-cap from Feb. I keep a calendar by the computer and when something, anything happens I want to remember, I write it down. I really need to go back and do a post for every month with all the highlights and dates.....another day !!

So, as I look back at February's calendar, a lot has happened. He has mastered Patty-cake. You say patty-cake, and he starts clapping. But if you say "clap" he looks at you like your stupid !! Now that we got that down, we are working on bye-bye, which he gets a little better every day. He does the open and closing of the hand kinda bye-bye, not the wave kind.

He sprouted his 1st tooth 1-31-09 and a 2nd appeared 2-9-09. Both on the bottom, and quite cute. They have tripled in size now. I think I see the start of one on the top, his left, we'll see. I must say, but should probably knock on wood 1st, teething, so far, ain't bad ??
With 2 teeth, he can really eat anything. He is liken the bottle less & less & eating more real food. He most nights eats what we eat. Last night he self feed himself chicken & carrots, and he has polished off a whole banana on a few occasions. Most of the times he is to lazy to feed himself so we have to top him off the spoon feed way. On the eating topic, I have to tell that the dog food has made into him mouth, and he freakin loves it. He'll be cruising around and I'll notice this brownish drool and realize what it is from. I try to pry it out of his mouth, but he's not giving it up. If I could just teach the doggy's to keep their food where it belongs we wouldn't have this problem !!

For about 2 weeks now, he has figured out how to crawl on all fours, problem is, if he's on all fours, he can't carry a toy, so most of the time he still cruising in his elbows, with a toy in his hand. This past weekend he got real good at crawling around while pushing his toy lawnmower, very talented !!

He is getting much better at standing, he most days will manage to pull himself up to a stand using a toy to support him, problem is, once he's done standing, he doesn't really know how to sit again ??

About mid-month he started making the "fish face", its so, so funny & cute. I can't seem to get a picture of it yet.

What else, oh, he can crawl up stairs. He made it up about 10 at my bros house. And he can find me anywhere in the house. If I go potty, here he comes. Kitchen, he's right behind me. Office, he cruses so fast down that hallway to get me. And once he's in the office, its all about the computer for him.

It was a sad day last week when while Kellan was in his bed I heard the sound of his mobile, which meant Kellan had discovered it and was pulling on it to make it play music. Needless to say, I had to take it down. His bed/room just doesn't seem the same with out it.

I think that's about it. He will be one THIS month. So crazy & not right. Yet he still fits into lots of his 3 month clothes!!

I have been bad about pictures lately, mostly because if I take the camera out, he crawls towards it because he wants to play with it. I did take a few the other day, so here you go.