Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A whole lot of random-ness

I was going thru recent pictures I have taken and realized I had lots cute one, but no real story to tell about them, so I'm just gonna post them all !!
We picked up this little chair at an antique store. Who knew Kellan would love it so much. He would sit in it, get up, carry it 2 feet then sit again.

On this day, Brady was building a shelf for baby sisters room so we were back and forth between her room and the garage. Kellan would pull his wagon of cars back and forth.

For some reason, Kellan thinks if it has wheels, its made for ridin !!

We got Kellan a new back pack for school, all I wanted was a picture of him wearing it. No such luck !!

Again with the riding on trucks !!

Kellan has decided he re-likes the baby swing. Many days he climbs up in it, and just swings.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

McDaniel Family Reunion

Saturday (10/10/09) was my dads side of the family's annual family reunion. When have it out at Green's Lake in Emory. Story has it my Grandjim worked for the Green family as a youngin and some how managed to stay in contact with him many years later. Mr. Green is kind enough to allow us to use his property yearly for our gathering. This year was a little bit different than the rest, my dads brother Kent passed on the previous Friday so the tone was certainly a bit sad. But at the same time it was a happy time remembering him as we spent a lot of time telling good ole uncle Kent stories and laughing at old photos, especially the one of him in shorty shorts with knee high socks !! Love you Uncle Kent !!
My dad, Kellan's "Papa", what a happy duo !! Now Papa'a getting his nose honked.
Brother Scott, me and cousin Mark looking at photos

Dillan crusin in the Tonka

Kellan all bundled up, but still managing to handle his juice (water)

Devon going for a Tonka ride

Jenice pretend kickin Jess whose tickling the pee out of Dillan
Notice the pink wet booty behind Kellan. That's Sam, soaking wet from the grass, not caring at all !!

Lots of story tellin going on here !!

Kellan with his "nack", aka snack
The whole big McDaniel gang, love you guys !!

Might I add, the pot luck lunch was great as always. Love me some grocery store fried chicken and Jenice's take on Grandji's Lemon Apricot cake.

Also this was one of the few times Kellan, and Dillan, who is my great niece and twin cousin's Devon and Samantha have ever spent time together. It was cold, it was wet, and it was muddy, and those kids could of cared less. They had such a great time together !!