Sunday, November 30, 2008

Getting ready to enjoy the holidays

Those of you that have kiddo's know how much crap you need when your going to spend a night or two away from home. We left our house Wed. to go spend Thanksgiving with Brady's parents then planned to leave from there Thurs. night to head to my bros house in Houston to have "Christmas" with the McDaniel's. It took me most of the day Wed. to pack all of our stuff.
The pile-o-crap to take with us. FYI, Brady & I are sharing a suitcase.

What back of the van looked like loaded.

Another funny about traveling for the Holidays........ Nothing is open on Thanksging night! So if you plan to stop to let your baby stretch his legs, change his diaper, or eat his dinner, your gonna have to get creative. Places like Jack in the Box are open, but those of you that know Brady, probaly know he's not gonna take Kellan in there for dinner. So, here was my husbands solution.

Notice what he's eating, I packed Turkey & Rice dinner !!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving part 1

With so many families, and so little time, we decided to do the holidays a little different this year. Grandma Dossie had us over on Sunday for Thanksgiving. I was great and it didn't seem like it wasn't Thanksgiving day, we still had food, football, family and most important, fun.
I think its clear how much he loves his Grandma Dossie

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Good times with good friends

Let me just set the scene........I had the awesome pleasure of spending this past weekend with a group of good ole friends. J Wilson has been living in St. Louis now for years, and though she does come home from time to time, its never enough. And with the addition of baby Tyler (born 8-21-8) she 's been grounded to her house for the time being.
Wilson and I meet in 1996 and have gotten closer as the years go by. I meet Heather around the same time in 96 and same thing, the longer we know each other, the more the friendship grows. And April, sweet silly April, I can't remember when exactly we meet, but through the years of running into each other, we have made a nice little friendship and now that we are neighbors, it will only keep getting better. Oh, and Heather, April and I play Keno together every 2 months or so. Anyways, with Jennifer having the baby, and all of us wanting to see him, and her and daddy too, and me needing a little break (we all needed a break) from my wonderful life of a stay at home mom of a 8 month old, I was time to load up and fly out. St Louis here we come !!! We all got there Thurs night and the fun began. Friday we got up, sat around drank coffee, played with sweet baby Tyler, giggled and went on for the day. Jennifer took us to a little part of St Louis called The Hill, it was this little Italian hood. Italian flags everywhere, fire hydrants painted red, white and green and the cutest little Italians walking the streets. We ate the bestest food I think we had ever eaten. Saturday we headed up the hills and valleys to the world of winery's. We all thought we were in another country it was so beautiful. But as beautiful as it was us Texas gals couldn't hang long, the high for the day was supposed to be 46, but with the wind I swear it was like 20 !!! Because of the chill in the air we moved on to a warmer local to continue the visit. Its amazing how a group of 4 old pals can spend day and night for 3+ days and never run out of something to say or laugh about. It was truly a great bonding and friendship strengthening weekend. I hope this is the first of an annual gathering. With all that said, I was so happy to come home to my hubby, baby and four legged kiddos, but am already missin my girls!

Friday lunch at Zia's

Saturday at Montell Winery

Freezing our little bobo's off
Winery #2, much warmer with the addition of a fire place.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Just an update

As before, we are off track with Kellan's well check's, but for insurance reasons we can't get back on track just yet. So anyways, we had his 6 month check today at 8 months. He continues to be long and lean. He weighed in at a whooping 17.7 pounds, and measures 27 1/2 inches. We have successfully doubled his birth weight (finally). So all in all, Kellan is a happy, healthy baby !!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Favorite things

A few of Kellan's favorite things other than me....... His doggy Margo. Everyone thought she would be the one of the four dogs that would be really bitter with a baby around, but really, she likes him the best. And Kellan just can't get enough, he loves to pet the dogs.


In addition to Margo, he has a new toy, one that we have all become to love. He loves it because he can look, talk, smile, dance and lick, yes lick himself. We love it for the obvious, watching him do all those things. At times he gets tired, so he uses his feet !!

Monday, November 3, 2008

What I can do now

There are many things Kellan is getting very good at. In the last few weeks, he has mastered sitting, and he will do it for quite a while. Not only can he sit, but he can play while sitting, which does take talent, well maybe not talent but balance and concentration. Also, we are now riding in shopping carts (with propping) and sitting in big boy high chairs at restaurants. He can even sit on his bobo in the tub !!!