Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A day in the life

Anyone who has or has had a toddler knows is an always entertaining life. Daily I am amazed at the new and old things Kellan does to keep me smiling. Last Thursday was like no other. Kellan and I decided to make daddy some brownies. Kellan, like mommy, really likes to cook. I will usually get all my gear gathered and to the island and plop Kellan on top so he can assist me. Most often a spoon will satisfy him. This particular day was clearly a smart day for Kellan. Brownie batter was in the pan, awaiting to go into the oven and Kellan decided he couldn't wait till they where done. In went a finger. Umm, this is yummy. Then a hand, then it was all over with.

Obviously after brownie batter was smeared all over his shirt, pants, hands, face so on, he had to be stripped down to his skives (thank goodness for wife beater onesies). Then as I am trying to put grocery's away he is playing one of his many favorite games, hide in the pantry. I soon discovered the game is much more fun to him if he locks mommy in the pantry with him.
Then its , lets run thru the house with a giant box of goldfish. Thankfully unopened !!

And for the finale, his newest favorite kitchen find, the inside of my salad spinner ????????? He seems to daily get it out of the cabinet, take it apart and carry around the strainer part. I think it makes a mighty cute hat !!

Like I said, its a fun and entertaining life with a toddler !! Man I love em !!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Getting ready for baby

This past Sunday was quite a productive one. Since it was raining for the 3rd straight day we chose an indoor project for the day opposed to working outside. Its been making me crazy that the room baby girl is going to use for her nursery was still a fully intact guest room. So many things needed to be accomplished in there before moving forward with the transformation. With Brady kicking and screaming I forced the guest room clean out. Pictures had to be taken off the walls, closet cleaned out, bed taking apart, stuff packed away, not to mention I had to move out all the many loads of stuff baby girl has already acquired (thank goodness for gracious friends with lots-o-hand me downs). Surprisingly we got a lot done in there and even decided to put the crib together so we could try to arrange the room to get an idea of where everything was going. The crib was given to us by a friend (thank you, April!) And the rest of the nursery furniture is a collection of odds and ends. My dad bought my mom an antique bedroom set when they where married a ba-gillion years ago. Mom gave it to me a few years back and its been our guest room furniture ever since. We are going to use the dresser, as a dresser and the vanity as a changing table. The full sized bed will have to be packed away until baby girl is big enough to use it. Brady's Aunt Cathy picked up a wardrobe for us to use as extra storage in her room, (a girl can't have enough storage), we just have to go to San Angelo to pick it up. Brady and I found a rocker in Brownwood at an antique store many years back for $8 (what a deal, couldn't resist) that we are going to fix up to use. All the furniture needs some fixin up, but all and all, its it awesome condition and we didn't have to run out and buy a 2nd crib, changing table, rocker and so on (Kellan is still currently using all his stuff). Point to my story is, while were doing all this, right under foot helping, as always and he wanted to try out baby sisters goods. We couldn't resist the photo op. Enjoy !!
Kellan testing the shocks out on the sisters bed.

Kellan helped himself right up into the rocker, after he kicked Bella (dog) out of it. I know the chairs in sad shape now, but I promise, I have a vision !!

Kellan checking out his handsomeness in the mirror on whats going to be the changing table. Seems like its going to work out as a great changing table, he laid there for ever.Beau checking out what Kellan's doing laying on the furniture ??

Friday, September 4, 2009

I forgot about these....

I keep my old camera in my purse, just in case, we are out and about and something worth snapping a photo comes along. Problem is, I always forget to upload them. Today I remembered. These pictures are from one Sat., probably a month ago when we went to the pet store for a Greyhound meet and greet. Kellan really wanted to stretch his legs so we let him push the stroller around for a while.
I think you can also see that he loves mommies sunshades. They keep him quite happy at times.
They also had the baby grocery carts in the store which were the perfect size for Kellan.

See the tears ?? He clearly wasn't happy to go into the stroller.