Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A day in the life

Anyone who has or has had a toddler knows is an always entertaining life. Daily I am amazed at the new and old things Kellan does to keep me smiling. Last Thursday was like no other. Kellan and I decided to make daddy some brownies. Kellan, like mommy, really likes to cook. I will usually get all my gear gathered and to the island and plop Kellan on top so he can assist me. Most often a spoon will satisfy him. This particular day was clearly a smart day for Kellan. Brownie batter was in the pan, awaiting to go into the oven and Kellan decided he couldn't wait till they where done. In went a finger. Umm, this is yummy. Then a hand, then it was all over with.

Obviously after brownie batter was smeared all over his shirt, pants, hands, face so on, he had to be stripped down to his skives (thank goodness for wife beater onesies). Then as I am trying to put grocery's away he is playing one of his many favorite games, hide in the pantry. I soon discovered the game is much more fun to him if he locks mommy in the pantry with him.
Then its , lets run thru the house with a giant box of goldfish. Thankfully unopened !!

And for the finale, his newest favorite kitchen find, the inside of my salad spinner ????????? He seems to daily get it out of the cabinet, take it apart and carry around the strainer part. I think it makes a mighty cute hat !!

Like I said, its a fun and entertaining life with a toddler !! Man I love em !!

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Alison said...

Love it!! Especially the hat!!! It's hard to get bored with toddlers around, huh?