Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My kid Rock's

I was bored the other day and thought......I'm gonna take some pictures of Kellan for last minute Christmas gifts for the fam. As always, I talk a million and only a few turn out, and the ones you didn't think would be cute, rock. Well anyways, see what you think.

By the way, we bought the onesis and guitar in Canton.

Monday, December 22, 2008

What Kellan thinks of Santa

I figured since it was Kellan's 1st Christmas, I should take him to see Santa. For what ever reason we ended up in Allen. The Santa was awesome, he looked very authentic but Kellan wasn't impressed. Why is it little kids are so scared of Santa ??

Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas pictures 08

Well now that the Christmas cards have gone out, whooooo, glad I started that early, I can post some of my favorite pictures of Kellan (at least the ones we've taken so far). It is always so hard to choose the best one, as if, there is no such one. And, of course my favorites are always the ones where he's making a funny face, or crying or getting eatin by a dog. I rarely actually get a shot of him smiling. He is clearly thinking very hard in the above shot.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Baby Blue Eyes

So as I sit here, bored, on yet another day at home, not doing any thing I should be doing like laundry, or cleaning house, I have been trying to "clean up / go through" the millions of pictures I take. Even though Kellan's been a little under the weather, there's no reason I still can't take his picture. As I look through them I just ahhhhh at how pretty, I mean handsome he is, and how breath-taking beautiful his eyes are. Just thought I'd share.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Going outta my mind

Ok, so Thursday we took Kellan for the second half of his flu shot. Friday he was so not himself, which means he was whinny and fussy. I had a bad feeling, and sure enough, come Sat, he had fever. Why, I ask. When he had the 1st half of the flu shot he ran fever about 3 days after, could it be from the flu shot??? Could it be from the baby whose mom sat 3 seats down from us hacking up a lung when we were at the doctors office ?? Could it be some funk I picked up while I was at the hospital in Houston visiting my dad ?? How do you know ?? All I know is, I am going to go out of my freaking mind. He's not running fever anymore, but still not back to himself. Plus the weather is a little crazy so I know better than to take him outside, so we are going on 4 days of being couped up. In addition, he's not taking full bottles and he's been waking up at night. Whats up !!! I pray and hope, and pray some more, that tonight he takes his full bedtime bottle, we put him to bed, he sleeps all night like he used to, and tomorrow, he will be back to his full self. Ah....I feel better now.

Friday, December 12, 2008

For the love of Chuck

Those of you who know our family, know Chuck. He may look cute and sweet on the outside, but...... really, he'll take a finger off. With that said, none of the above seems to bother Kellan. He thinks Chuck is neat, gets excited when he walks by or on him. Always reaching out to give him little love pats, aka loves slaps or grabs. So the other night as Kellan's flip floppin all over the couch, he some how ended up on his knees where Chuck was in plain sight. Well, I think the pictures tell the story.

Now before anyone gets mad, as if we are torturing Chuck or the baby. DON'T. No one was harmed. The more Chuck snarled, the more Kellan laughed. As for Chuck, he just needs to get over himself already.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Kellan @ 36 weeks

We went for Kellan's 36 week check up today. Still can't believe he's that old already. He has slowed down on growing for the time being and weighed in at a whopping 18.4 lbs which puts him in the 25 % for weight. He's still pretty long at 27 1/2 inches, 50%. Other than that he's right on track with all the "milestones" "they" say he should be doing for now.

Oh, some neat things he has learned how to do in the last week or so.....

1. He has figured out how to lye down from a sitting position, without falling.

2. He was driving a toy truck the other day back and forth, by himself.

3. He has learned if he doesn't want something, like a bottle, he can just push (SHOVE) it away.

4. He can turn himself over on the changing table, but only if his bo bo is covered in poop, and I am by myself. Any tips??

5. He can proudly out loud the dogs, when they back, he screams, loud.

What he hasn't learned is, how to crawl (so close) or grow teeth, but that's ok, mommas in no rush !!

This picture is from the doctors office, he is patiently awaiting his flu shot.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

McDaniel Family Thanx-mas 2008

My dads side of the family (McDaniel's) try to get together every year to celebrate Christmas. This year, this past weekend, following Thanksgiving was the best time for everyone. It was crazy busy trying to make it all work out for everyone, but some how, most of us did. My brother Kelly & his wife Cheryl had it at there new house in Pearland, near Houston. Brady, Kellan and I got there Thursday night. We had such a great time as you'll will see in the bigillion pictures we took.

My brother Kelly and his favorite nephew

Kellan's HO HO HO shirt before he got food all over it

Poor Kellan, getting slimmed by Smiley dog

Amber and her princess Pheobe

Me and my nephew Chace

Another nephew, Jordan

Kelly getting all the meat ready, yum yum

Kelly, wife Cheryl & daughter Amber

Aunt Diane giving Kellan his first taste of purple salad, he liked, duh!

Great Aunt Debbie, cuz Jenice with Kellan

Brother Scott, Chace, Bailey, Justin

Brady napping

What Kelly will do to you while napping, the sad thing is, he didn't wake up.

White elephant christmas gift, Justin gave up a brown ceramic bear thats been passed around for years, only to get a ceramic bull. HA HA HA !!!

Brandon got a moon shine jug, or at least thats what he called it.

Group photo take #1

Take 2

Finally !!

What a wonderful, fun filled family affair. Love you guys !!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Part 2

We went to Bibi & Pa's Wed night to start our Thanksgiving festivities with them. Unfortunately Bailey and Spencer were with there dad, but Auntie Robin came to help us celebrate. We got up early Thursday morning and cooked, and played, and played some more. It was a fun day with all the good Thanksgiving day favorites to fill our bellies.