Tuesday, December 2, 2008

McDaniel Family Thanx-mas 2008

My dads side of the family (McDaniel's) try to get together every year to celebrate Christmas. This year, this past weekend, following Thanksgiving was the best time for everyone. It was crazy busy trying to make it all work out for everyone, but some how, most of us did. My brother Kelly & his wife Cheryl had it at there new house in Pearland, near Houston. Brady, Kellan and I got there Thursday night. We had such a great time as you'll will see in the bigillion pictures we took.

My brother Kelly and his favorite nephew

Kellan's HO HO HO shirt before he got food all over it

Poor Kellan, getting slimmed by Smiley dog

Amber and her princess Pheobe

Me and my nephew Chace

Another nephew, Jordan

Kelly getting all the meat ready, yum yum

Kelly, wife Cheryl & daughter Amber

Aunt Diane giving Kellan his first taste of purple salad, he liked, duh!

Great Aunt Debbie, cuz Jenice with Kellan

Brother Scott, Chace, Bailey, Justin

Brady napping

What Kelly will do to you while napping, the sad thing is, he didn't wake up.

White elephant christmas gift, Justin gave up a brown ceramic bear thats been passed around for years, only to get a ceramic bull. HA HA HA !!!

Brandon got a moon shine jug, or at least thats what he called it.

Group photo take #1

Take 2

Finally !!

What a wonderful, fun filled family affair. Love you guys !!!

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