Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Going outta my mind

Ok, so Thursday we took Kellan for the second half of his flu shot. Friday he was so not himself, which means he was whinny and fussy. I had a bad feeling, and sure enough, come Sat, he had fever. Why, I ask. When he had the 1st half of the flu shot he ran fever about 3 days after, could it be from the flu shot??? Could it be from the baby whose mom sat 3 seats down from us hacking up a lung when we were at the doctors office ?? Could it be some funk I picked up while I was at the hospital in Houston visiting my dad ?? How do you know ?? All I know is, I am going to go out of my freaking mind. He's not running fever anymore, but still not back to himself. Plus the weather is a little crazy so I know better than to take him outside, so we are going on 4 days of being couped up. In addition, he's not taking full bottles and he's been waking up at night. Whats up !!! I pray and hope, and pray some more, that tonight he takes his full bedtime bottle, we put him to bed, he sleeps all night like he used to, and tomorrow, he will be back to his full self. Ah....I feel better now.

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