Friday, December 12, 2008

For the love of Chuck

Those of you who know our family, know Chuck. He may look cute and sweet on the outside, but...... really, he'll take a finger off. With that said, none of the above seems to bother Kellan. He thinks Chuck is neat, gets excited when he walks by or on him. Always reaching out to give him little love pats, aka loves slaps or grabs. So the other night as Kellan's flip floppin all over the couch, he some how ended up on his knees where Chuck was in plain sight. Well, I think the pictures tell the story.

Now before anyone gets mad, as if we are torturing Chuck or the baby. DON'T. No one was harmed. The more Chuck snarled, the more Kellan laughed. As for Chuck, he just needs to get over himself already.

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