Monday, November 16, 2009

Moving along like a heard of turtles !!

Just a quick update.....unfortunately not much has changed. We are still diligently working on baby girls nursery. We seem to be held up in the furniture department. Poor Brady (along with many helpers) has worked his fingers to the bone trying to get the furniture project finished. It always seems like it will be easier than it is. Well we are about to start on weekend 3 off painting furniture.Pictures of the furniture after lots of handy work and a good sand job.Primer coat #1 tot he drawer fronts.All the knobs (along with many other things) got a coat of shinny black paint, thanks to Aunt Robin and Uncle Todd.

Ice cream chairs Aunt Cathy gave to us, the plan is to cover the seats and for Brady (in his free time) to make a little table to use them with.

Daddy and Kellan took a break to ride around in Kellan's hand-me-down Chevy that now works with the help of a new battery.

I really think Daddy enjoyed it more than Kellan !!

This weekend it back to painting, hopefully one more day then we can start putting the room together.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Sister's room-in progress

Not much has changed as far as getting ready for baby girl, but I am happy to report the room is painted !! Oh, and it has a shelf all the way around it. Hopefully this coming weekend we will make a dent in sanding/painting the furniture.
Kellan is ready to help paint dressed in his bibs, just like da-dy.

Brady built a crown shelf thing that goes all the way around the room. Little girls need lots of room to display there goodies !!

The almost finished painted project. I get the pleasure of putting a second coat of trim paint on the shelf, then the painting of the room will really be done.

I just had to try out the bedding, of course Kellan wanted to go ni-night in baby sisters bed.