Friday, February 20, 2009

Morning, Glory

I can't help myself with this one. Those who know me, know I love pretty flowers and plants. One of my all time favorites are Morning Glories and Moon Flowers. I'm not sure why these are favs, just are. You can never find them in plant form at the nursery, so I have always had to grow them myself with seeds. Well, I haven't done this in a while, for sure not since we lived here. I had bought seeds and a little green house thing last year but never got around to it, not sure why, oh wait, NEWBORN, that's right !! So I came across them the other day and thought, I'm gonna start these. In my past experience, they always take lots longer than the package says (10-14 days) to germinate, plus I wasn't gonna put them in a "warm sunny window", so I figured, I better get them going to have then ready for spring. OK, so I put the seeds in on Monday 2-16-09 and I took these pictures yesterday. AMAZING !! FYI, they are twice as big today, but the Moon flowers have yet to really sprout. Stay turned for more Morning Glory pictures !

For those of you who don't know what Morning Glories look like, below is a picture. They are a beautiful, bright, viney plant that blooms in the morning.
Below is Moon Flower, they bloom by the moon light.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Powder Bath Sink Re-do

You know how it is when you move into a cookie-cutter plain Jane house. Well that's just not gonna fly with me. We have lived here for 2+ years now and always have a project up our sleeves trying to give our home personalty. The powder bath off the kitchen when we moved in was a boring yucky place !! Inspired by Brady's sisters powder bath, we too did a dog/cat theme. We painted the walls and hung lots of doggies and kitty's, but that didn't fix the problem. We had a vision...... a old piece of furniture with a sink to replace the pedestal sink. Now that we had a plan, we were on a mission. We found the perfect piece at an Antique shop on my b-day trip to Fredricksburg in 2007 (I was pregnant then) It didn't fit in the car as we thought so we had to strap it to the roof. That made for a long, slow ride home. Once we got it home it has since lived in my bedroom (Nov 07 till Jan 09). I drug it out one day to use it as a display table for a wine party I was hosting. I re-discovered the beauty of the piece and begged for Brady to "put it in the bathroom already". He did, and I love it, and let me say, I probably appreciate it more since it took so long to happen. Its so pretty and has storage, and who doesn't need more spots to stash crap ?? To properly give Brady props, I must explain that he had to cut the hole in the top to accompany the new sink, re-plum the underneath & cut out parts of the back to make room for the pluming. Thanks honey, your the best !!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kellan finally meeting Papa Mac

As most know, my dad is ill, and one of my biggest worries is that he would pass before he got to meet his awesome grandson. We have made a few attempts, but traveling to Houston with a baby sometimes doesn't always work out as planned. We finally made it happen this weekend for Valentines day. Daddy was very excited to meet Kellan, which made me very happy. And little Kellan put on such a show for him. Oh, and dad seems to being doing fairly well, he just wants to break out of " the home".

Papa Mac, Kellan & my bro Kelly

Friday, February 13, 2009

New bath tub trick

As Kellan was taking a bath last night, he learned a new trick. He accidental slipped from a sitting position onto a tummy lying position. He didn't freak out, instead he realized, "this is new, & kinda neat ". That started a continual, purposeful lying, sitting, lying chain of events. Might I say, there is nothing much cuter than little baby bobo covered in bubbles !!
Notice the bubbles on his chin

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Finally a tooth picture

As I go thru pictures I took Of Kellan yesterday, I found one where you can see both of his new teeth. See em, on the bottom ?

Might I add, he's quite the ham in this picture.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

And now we have two

Pretty much a week after Kellan sprouted the first tooth, here came the second !! As I was changing him yesterday morning, he got to giggling, and there it was, tooth # 2. Its on the bottom, next to the first. I'm still not having any luck getting a picture, he will probably have 20 teeth before I can get him to pose for one. This is the best I can get.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Kellan's "I'm not gonna show you my tooth" face

I so want to get a picture of the cute little tooth the has sprouted in Kellan's mouth, but after like 500 hundred pictures of me trying, I consistently keep getting the same thing. NOTHING !!

Fun in the laundry room

Yes, its true, you can have fun while hanging out in the laundry room. Speakin of, Kellan & I did today. One of the must haves when I found out I was pregnant was a new washer & dryer. The one I had was so old & tiny, plus it was a water waster. We found a good sale on a high efficiency front loader & I slowly paid for my new babies before the baby. It truly does make doing laundry more enjoyable & I don't feel so waste full. Anyways, as I'm hangin up clothes today, I hear the piter pat of little hands as they cruise under my kitchen table down the hall and to the laundry room. I think you'll see from the pictures that Kellan thinks my washer & dryer are as cool as I do. Oh, & we keep the dog bowls in there, I don't have to tell you what happens next !!

Yes, he's eating the washer.

If your wondering, Kellan's not the one who made the huge mess with the dog food. That would be my dear sweet Margo. For some reason she has to dig her nose to the bottom of the bowl and push food out ? Oh, & her and Lucy both take food to other places of the house like the living room, hallway, where ever and leave it. Before it was just annoyance, but now since I have had to pick dog food out of my kids mouth, I'm constantly kicking it back into the laundry room. Ugh !!

Monday, February 2, 2009

We have a tooth !!!

Its finally happened !!! Kellan has a tooth, kinda, at least a little bitty corner of one. It seems to have appeared Sat pm while Bibi was watching him. He's officially a big boy !! Oh, its on the bottom, his right. By the way, he turned 10 months old Sat also. Sorry, no picture of the tooth it yet, he doesn't seem to want me to see it !!