Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fun in the laundry room

Yes, its true, you can have fun while hanging out in the laundry room. Speakin of, Kellan & I did today. One of the must haves when I found out I was pregnant was a new washer & dryer. The one I had was so old & tiny, plus it was a water waster. We found a good sale on a high efficiency front loader & I slowly paid for my new babies before the baby. It truly does make doing laundry more enjoyable & I don't feel so waste full. Anyways, as I'm hangin up clothes today, I hear the piter pat of little hands as they cruise under my kitchen table down the hall and to the laundry room. I think you'll see from the pictures that Kellan thinks my washer & dryer are as cool as I do. Oh, & we keep the dog bowls in there, I don't have to tell you what happens next !!

Yes, he's eating the washer.

If your wondering, Kellan's not the one who made the huge mess with the dog food. That would be my dear sweet Margo. For some reason she has to dig her nose to the bottom of the bowl and push food out ? Oh, & her and Lucy both take food to other places of the house like the living room, hallway, where ever and leave it. Before it was just annoyance, but now since I have had to pick dog food out of my kids mouth, I'm constantly kicking it back into the laundry room. Ugh !!

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