Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More Birthday Pictures

Ok, so in addition to Kellan's birthday party we celebrated the actual day with a dinner at his favorite place, Kyoto. One might ask how a 2 years old could possible love a Japanese Steak House so much, well........It has been an almost weekly fav of mommy and daddies since long before Kellan was even eating solids. So he's just grown to love it. Its gottin so bad that when we pull into the parking lot Kellan says "noodle", that's what he calls it, cause that's what he eats. Also one evening as he lead us in "Ah-men" the little boy was so kind to bless "mommy, daddy, & noodle" And its not just about the noodle, he drinks the soup through a straw (Bibi taught him that one) picks the sticky rice of my sushi rolls, found the love for the Chatubreon (no clue how to spell it, but its really fancy steak)(thanks uncle Kelly, its near the most expensive thing on the menu) and his latest love is "dip dip" the salad in the ginger sauce for the meat ??? Anyways, week after week we sit and sing and clap and chant "Hey Hey" for every one else birthday. I think its must be one of the most popular birthday dinner spots ever. So I figured we needed to start a tradition and take Kellan there for his big day. It was a true hit. He really got a kick out of every one singing and chanting for him for a change. Now on with the pictures. All his fav peeps, cousin Ah-me (Macey), Bay-be (Bailey), Haley, he can actually say her name correctly ???, and Bubba (Spencer's nick name).

Aunt Rah-Rah (Robin self made nick name) & Uncle Toddy
Pa, Bibi, Aunt Pad-dy (Patti), Uncle Mark & daddy

Bailey feeding Kellan lemon!

The birthday singing crew.
One last present, as if he needed any thing else, but he really likes to help daddy drill things.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Kellan's 2nd Birthday Party

Not sure how it happened, but momma forgot to send out Kellan's birthday party (3-27-10)pictures so I'm back dated this post so I don't get my blog unorganized.
I think anyone who knows my boy, can probably guess his party was Car themed. Kellan (and daddy) is a caraholic (as is daddy). Even before seeing the Disney movie Cars, Kellan has found the love for Lightning, Chicks, Mater, Limo, Vern, and so on and on, I (he) could go on for days !! We were so blessed for great weather and lots of good family and friends to join us in the celebration. This year Kellan really got into the whole thing. The morning of, Kellan just woke up and discovered Mater was on the cupcakes (I made,by the way).

This is what happens when daddy is in charge!! Way to teach em!!
All the cupcakes are frosted (pat on the back for momma).
Lightning cake Aunt Rah-Rah (Brady's sis) made ! Awesome !!
Kellan knew exactly what to do when it came time to blow out the candles.

Little miss Dovie..... her cupcake fell in the grass, but that didn't stop her. What us girls will do for chocolate!!
Present time, and guess what?? He got cars and cars and even more cars!! And many other goodies. I was greatful for all the non-cars, just sayin!!
It was my cousin's Devon and Sammy's 3rd birthday the weekend before so they got a few presents of there own. She was so rockin it out with her new keyboard and mic.
Kellan helped himself to cousin Devon's birthday drill and fixed momma's bubba cooler, didn't know it was broke!!
My big bro Scott and his son, my nephew Jordan enjoying chill time with Campbell. You can't really see in the picture but Campbell has on a Cars dress with matching hair bow. So cute !!
Cousin Mark and his twins Devon and Samantha, both of which are being silly!
Finally time to play with all the loot. Kellan was being such a big boy and shared his toys with his BFF Tyler who just happened to be in town from St. Loius.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

March 31......a day that will never be the same

March 31 is a day I will never, ever forget. Two years ago on that day my sweet boy came into this world. And man, what an awesome journey its been ever since.

Happy Birthday to my boy !!