Sunday, November 30, 2008

Getting ready to enjoy the holidays

Those of you that have kiddo's know how much crap you need when your going to spend a night or two away from home. We left our house Wed. to go spend Thanksgiving with Brady's parents then planned to leave from there Thurs. night to head to my bros house in Houston to have "Christmas" with the McDaniel's. It took me most of the day Wed. to pack all of our stuff.
The pile-o-crap to take with us. FYI, Brady & I are sharing a suitcase.

What back of the van looked like loaded.

Another funny about traveling for the Holidays........ Nothing is open on Thanksging night! So if you plan to stop to let your baby stretch his legs, change his diaper, or eat his dinner, your gonna have to get creative. Places like Jack in the Box are open, but those of you that know Brady, probaly know he's not gonna take Kellan in there for dinner. So, here was my husbands solution.

Notice what he's eating, I packed Turkey & Rice dinner !!!

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