Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A birthday at the park

We spent my big 32 the best way I know how, as a family. Though I am a little pissed at the getting older/fatter issue, I couldn't feel more blessed. I am truly overwhelmed with all the joys in my life. Anyways.....our day started with a little shopping, not for me, but for Kellan. Then we had lunch with Bibi & Pa. It was such a gorgeous day outside we walked around and took pictures of our favorite subject, you guessed it, Kellan. And to top the day off, after a wonderful family dinner we got to go out for a drink. Ooh, and the best part, the in laws kept Kellan all night long for the first time !!! Whoo hoo, I am glad that is over with and they can see what an angle he is threw the night !!

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Alison said...

what great pics!!! Such a beautiful day and a more beautiful family!