Friday, August 13, 2010

Kellan and Campbell

Warning...this post is heavy on the pictures as there was no way to just pick out a few favorites.

A few weeks ago we met with our dear, sweet, patient photographer friend Jennifer from
Haute Shot Photography. We haven't had any pictures made since January when we did newborn/family pictures. Kellan now 2 years (and 3 months if your counting) and Campbell already 7 months old, going on 17, we figured it was time for a photo shoot. Though we met Jennifer at a VERY early 10am, July in Texas is hot regardless of the hour, but she with out fail managed to capture many awesome shots!!

Oh no, Pister fall down!

Looks pretty sweet and Innocent, with a hint of deception in those baby blues!!

"Tickle Tickle, Pister"
Campbell sucks two fingers just like big brother ??

If your wondering about Kellan's silly face, let me explain. This is the face he makes when asked if he wants to kiss a kitty, rabbit and on this day it was a squirrel.

Not to brag, but cute kids!!

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haute shot photography said...

Thank you for the sweet words, and sooooo happy to hear K got his Master! He and Pister were such troopers!