Monday, September 29, 2008

Marcus turns 4

Saturday was Marcus's 4th birthday party. Hard to believe he that's old. I remember when he was just a little 5 lb peanut. Anyways, the party was at the Little Gym, but we missed most of it, (love Brady, hate the demands of his job at times) We did make it there in time for the present opening then the after party at momma Brandy's house. It was a great day hanging with friends and lots of rowdy kids !!
Baby Jace and Kellan love to look at each other
This is what a kids room looks like when you turn it lose to 4 little ones under the age of 5
Brie-Brie trying to "snake" the baby
Baby Jace does not want to put his PJ's on, but daddy succeeds, just now he doesn't want to go to bed, its more fun to ride the scooter around the house while holding his golf club.

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