Friday, August 28, 2009

Just a truckin....& playin

I think we all know by now that we (Brady, Kellan, the dogs & I) love the outside. If we are home, we are typically working on some sort of outdoor project. Last weekend was no exception. Thank goodness for cooler weather !! While Brady worked of fixing up a Craig's List truck toolbox find, I sat on my pregnant rear, taking pictures and watched as Kellan does what he does, which is play with his toys. His cousin Spencer passed down his battery operated Chevy Silverado Truck. Unfortunately we can't seem to make it work, but who cares. Its still a fav of Kellan's. He gets hours of entertainment from it. He looks under the hood, checks the tires, climbs in, by himself, quite gracefully I might add and is off to driving.

While Kellan happily plays with his truck, the dogs (minus Chuck) decide to enjoy the great outdoors as well. I think Bella and Beau are quite happy with their new home and backyard. They love to run, play and eat each other. Margo of course is just happy with a ball or frisbee. She has yet to really engage in the Bella and Beau fun.

Looks rough, but I promise they having a ball and not hurting one another a bit.

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