Thursday, August 13, 2009

Then there was Bella

As explained in a previous post, we went from have 5 animals to having 2, and quick. Carmie we lost in Nov. Lucy & Linus in July. We (Brady) decided we must have another dog ASAP, so the search began. We went to an Italian greyhound (what Lucy was) meet and greet after realizing a full size greyhound wasn't for us and fell in love with Beau. We were all decided he was going to come live with us. Once we had made all the arrangements for Beau's homecoming, we found out he had a sister Bella who was living at a different foster home. Two weeks later, my life is even more crazy, but very entertaining. They are really the cutest pair. They play (eat) each other all thru out the day, then cuddle up and nap together. So far they have been great sleepers and head for under the sheets when its bed time. Life is a little insane for the moment, but its been so much fun. Oh, Kellan gets along with them greatly. They take quite a beating from him and don't fuss one bit.

Beau's much bigger and mostly in charge

Bella's the pretty girl with one blue and one brown eye

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