Thursday, May 20, 2010

Frog pool fun

Bibi and Pa bought Kellan a little blow up frog pool his first summer. He has never showed a bit of interest in it. Actually, i think he would scream bloody murder last year if we even suggested he try it out. One Monday a few weeks ago I decided to blow it up and fill it with water while he was napping. Daddy has decked out the open space under his swing set fort so now we have a perfect shady play space. When he woke up, and Pister went down I took him outside to check it out.
At first he just stared at it.
Then I told him he could splash, something he's not allowed to do in the bath tub.
Then he got his feet in, and slipped so he was all wet.

Then it was on!!
And its been a daily hit ever since. Weather permitting we are out there daily.

He had to take a break to cruise in his bubble car.

Then back in the pool, with no shorts ??

Snack break, Lightning juice and applegrapes (what he calls em).

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