Thursday, May 20, 2010

What been going on around here

Well its been a while since I've made time to blog. Not sure why I can't seem to find the time ?? Since last post, being Kellan's birthday, lot has happened (not really)! Kellan is a typical 2 year old. He talks all day loonnggggggg! He tells little stories about whats going on in his life. And really likes to explain the world to Pister. Brady says he reminds him of my dad (so does, & so sweet) the way he tells stories, he gets his forehead all wrinkled up and shakes his head up and down while he talks.

At his 2 year check up, Kellan still out weighs most 9month olds at 22 lbs, but is pretty tall. Campbell is near half his weight at 13 lbs and is super tall almost 26 inches.

My goal for Campbell @ 4 months old was getting her to take naps in her crib. It all starting out ok, but then we got side-tracked when she got an ear infection, poor baby, then all was out the window, poor thing just couldn't get comfortable. Since that has cleared up, we've been back on track and she's successfully been crib-napping May 1st ish !! Makes a world of difference in every ones life when both babies do all their sleeping in their cribs!!

Campbell rolls over like a champ, prefers to sleep that way. She's a wild women in the exersaucer and can even touch the bottom (couldn't 1 month ago). Its hard to believe she will be 6 months old soon, my where does the time go?

Anyways here's a few pictures of the last month or so.
Kellan really likes to help mommy cook, most nights are spent with him sitting on the island with a bowl saying "stir stir stir". This particular night Pister wanted to help too. They are making dumplings!

Kellan being a goof at lunch time with Lighting noodle juice all over his face.

Frito's with noodle ?? Not sure what I was thinking ??

Pister sitting pretty. Notice she still has her perfect "curl hawk" So cute !!

Here he is tellin Pister all about it, and she just listens to him like its the most important thing she's ever heard (probably is).

Not sure why it went bad, but it did.

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