Saturday, January 24, 2009

The early years

This year for my birthday (in Oct.) mom did something very, very special. She sent me a goodie box filled with all kinds of treasures. There are too many to list but for example she sent my baby book, old scrapbook my dad started, her old jewelry box my dad had bought for her and many many pictures. She also spent the many hours it takes to scan old photo's and made me a CD from when before I was born and of my childhood. I will cherish these memories for ever. Thanks mom.

Mom & dad's wedding day, they are now divorced.

Mom & Dad anxiously awaiting my arrival.

My PaPaw holding me. FYI, I never got to know him this way, he had a stroke when I was a little girl.

Uncle John, Dossie (g-ma), PaPaw, mom, Jennifer (sister) & me.

Me in a fancy cowgirl outfit.

I think this is from Christmas 19??

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Alison said...

now we know where Kellan got those piercing blue eyes!!! so cute!!!