Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kitty's new favorite place

Most of you don't even know we have a cat, but we do, and he's big one. Linus showed up on Brady's door step long before me and has been part of his/our family ever since. Quite honestly I was never really a cat person, but who doesn't love a cat that uses the doggy door which means no litter box and pretty much entertains himself and lives outside 90% of the time. He will though, when the coast is clear, meaning no guest are present and Kellan is asleep wonder into my lap on the couch for a good rubbin. He has had many favorite places around the house to lay, but most of them have disappeared. He loved the extra couch that was in whats now Kellan's room & the big red chair in the office, both are now gone. Pretty much any good comfy spot has been vanished. Currently he hangs in Brady's office chair or on my kitchen chairs. But in the last day or so, he's found a new good spot.

In case your wondering, he is lying on Kellan's gym/mat thing. Kellan rarely plays with it anymore so I moved it into the office for when we are in there. But, Kellan would much rather scoot over to my computer and play with that. I think he's gonna be a computer dork like daddy, he's obsessed.


Alison said...

computer dork like daddy... hahahahaha :):):)

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