Friday, January 23, 2009

Where do I begin ???

As I sit here looking through all the pictures I have taken in the last week or so, its overwhelming. I can't believe all the talents my son now has. Everyday, its something new, or at least improvement on what he previously learned. He's still not crawling on on fours, but he gets where he's going with his swimming like motion on the floor. He will get to all fours to look around, then its down to the floor when its time to move. He has learned to sit up from a lying position, very talented !! Even though we're still toothless, we have started Kellan on big boy food. Some days its what we eat in the handy-chopper, some #3 baby foods, I've even tried some homemade wonders. In addition to that we are trying to let him self feed puffs, fruit and crackers which is very messy, to say the least !! My kitchen is no longer a safe place, as he has found his way into it, and of course as all kids do, he like to eat Tupperware, yum yum, oh and he has found the occasional piece of dog food, but I don't think its made it to his mouth yet, hope not !!
Standing in my crib, againYummy cracker !!Why kick my stove ??

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