Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Enough with the growing up already !!!

Someone please explain to me why my baby is growing up soooooo fast. Seems like yesterday he was a itty bitty baby. But no more..................Yesterday I put him on his bobo in front of his stage toy thing so I could run out to the car for 1 minute. When I came back in, this is what I found.

How is it possible ??? Now he has in the last few days with someone helping him kinda pulled him self up, but it takes him a while. He did this all by himself & quick. I can't figure out how he didn't pull the toy on top of him ???

Also, another very exciting happening. Last night at dinner ( just he & I, daddy was still at work) he mumbled a new syllable, mamamama. I know he has know clue what he said, but its a start. Oh, & I got that on video to probe it to daddy.

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